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Ants Control Services

Ants Control Services

Our Ants Control Services are designed for complete abolition of ants from the premises. At American Pest Control, India, these services are executed by our trained professionals. We render these Ants Control Services to cater to the requirements of households, hotels, government organizations and hospitals. Our team studies the affected area thoroughly and uses ant growth chemicals accordingly. Moreover, along with being result-oriented, our Ants Control Services are cost-effective and provided on timely basis to the clients based across

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About Ants :

  • Dark reddish brown to black
  • 1/10 of an inch long, antenna has 12 segments
  • One node is hidden by abdomen
  • Worker ants and females can live for several years
  • Odorous ants get their name because they secrete a rotten coconut-like odor when crushed


Habitat :

  • Outside : mulch beds, in soil under rocks, logs and debris
  • Inside : In the walls or beneath the floor
  • They are most likely to invade during rainy weather
  • Travel in trails, foraging day and night

Diet :

  • In the wild, honeydew melon
  • Prefer sweet things

 Eggs :

  • Each female lays one egg a day
  • Odorous ants reach adulthood in 24 days


Colonies :

  • Odorous ant colonies are very large
  • Odorous ant colonies can be driven away by  invading ants

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